Whoop Whoop Walk About Tours

Whoop Whoop Walk About Tours


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Whoop Whoop Walk About Tours.

Walkabout Cultural Adventures - Private Day Tour

Saturday 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Sunday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Overnight accommodation 7 days a week.

•Personalised charter for only small groups of two to 6 people

•Local Aboriginal guides

•Visit Aboriginal cultural sites

•Learn the history of the region

•Taste some bush tukka


A contemporary Australian walkabout is an immersive Aboriginal cultural experience for travelers. Visitors learn the traditional customs and practices that kept the Aboriginal communities alive in the region. The Walk. Step gently on country where lessons about natural foods, traditions, education, and customs await. Visitors receive instruction in fire starting, yabby catching learning how to use traditional tools, along with an opportunity to tell their own story on the canvas of making a Tradition food. Additionally, you will be introduced to Bush Tukka, allowing visitors to sample this native Australian treat. While once a rite of passage for only Aboriginal men, women, and children. Whoop Whoop walkabout has opened a window into the World's oldest and most beautiful culture that everyone can experience. Come try one out and be guided through the Dreamtime.

Map & Directions

16 Kaliman Drive Mooroopna Vic 3629

Phone 0402606481