Echuca Moama - The Murray's living legend - Barrie Beehag Ski Race Classic

Barrie Beehag Ski Race Classic

General Events , Sporting Events At Deep Creek Marina 1771 Perricoota Rd, Moama NSW 2731, Australia

Saturday 17th November

9:30am - 5:00pm

The Barry Behag Classic is a ski race held annually in November and runs from Deep Creek Marina, on the mighty Murray River.

Course is from Deep Creek Marina to Torrumbarry and return. Approximate start time is 9.30am with boats travelling to Torrumbarry. Return time is dependent upon when all the boats are accounted for.

Food & Drinks will be available at the Boat Ramp, Start – Finish area and at Torrumbarry Boat Ramp during the turnaround.

Presentation to follow directly after the race, after all boats have been removed at the Deep Creek Marina Hotel.

Classes in the 2018 event will be: Unlimited Inboard; Unlimited Outboard; 8 Litre; 6 Litre; SMOC; Under 18; Under 16; Under 14; 70mph; Under 12; 60mph

Contact: Moama Water Sports Club 03 5480 6754

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