Old Telegraph Station & Captain's Cottage Open Day

General Events , Heritage Events At Old Moama Telegraph Station Chanter St, Moama NSW 2731, Australia

Sunday 28th October

10:00am - 3:00pm

Friends of Old Moama invite you to an open day at Moama's Old Telegraph Station and Captains Cottage to help celebrate the completion of a refurbishment and remedial works project recently undertaken at Moama' Captains Cottage (circa 1870)

Learn about the families who gave it life, listen to the stories, tour old Moama and view the photos and memorabilia on display. 10am to 3pm on Sunday 29th October.

Walking Tours, BBQ, Raffle, Jinker on Display, Paddlesteamers Cruises, $20.00 per person. Cruises on the PS Canberra will depart Riverboat Dock Echuca travelling upstream to Old Moama and mooring at Maiden's Punt Crossing Point.

Passengers can disembark and spend time wandering around Old Moama before boarding another cruise back to Riverboat Dock. 10.15am, drop off at Maiden's Punt; 11.30am Drop off and Collection from Maiden's Punt; 1.15pm Collection only from Maiden's Punt.

Paddlesteamer bookings on 03-54825244.

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