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Echuca Moama is the perfect place to ride a bicycle!  With a comfortable climate, minimal rain and generally flat topography, Echuca Moama is ideal for all ages to get around by bike.

Not only is cycling a fun activity to do with your family and friends, it has proven health benefits for both physical and mental health and is a low impact exercise that all ages and abilities can enjoy. Cycling has been identified as helping protect against serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as reducing the risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Riding as part of your everyday life is a time efficient way of including exercise in your day.

Cycling also helps our environment and our planet. With every kilometre pedalled, there is a net saving of 243.8 grams of CO2 emissions. That means for every 10km you ride a bike instead of driving a car, you will save 2.4kg of CO2 emissions. 

There are many delightful destinations in Echuca Moama that are in close proximity to the two towns, and cycling is often the quickest way to travel short distances. There is also no need to sit in border traffic as you can ride over the Echuca Moama Bridge on a bicycle!  Don’t waste time sitting in traffic or searching for a car park: simply cycle right to the front door.

To get you started, we have listed some of our favourite all ages bicycle rides. 

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Image courtesy NSW National Parks. Photo: OEH / Gavin Hansford.





All rides start at the Echuca Moama Tourism Information Centre

  1. Port of Echuca800m one way (Easy)

Pedal along the shared pathway connecting with the Murray Esplanade enjoying the sights and sounds of the historic Port of Echuca. Imagine a time when bicycles were a common mode of transport.

  1. Banyule State Forest - 500m one way (Easy to Intermediate)

Connect to the forest via the pathway under the Echuca Moama bridge.  If you want a variety of forest pathways that let you enjoy sights of the Murray River, bask in the dappled sunlight that penetrates the river gum forest and potentially run into a mob of kangaroos, then this is the ride for you!

  1. Campaspe River Shared Pathway – 3.5km one way (Easy)

A scenic ride along a peaceful shared pathway that meanders alongside the Campaspe River. There are also two pedestrian bridges that allow for easy access back to downtown Echuca.

  1. Warren Street Shared Pathway 3.5km one way (Easy)

A new shared pathway connecting the west of Echuca.  Create a loop and combine with the Campaspe River shared pathway.

  1. Christie's Beach – 8.7km one way and other spots along the river. (Easy to Intermediate)

A fabulous ride with spectacular views of the Murray River. There are tracks along the Murray River for most of this ride.  Always a chance to see some local wildlife.




All rides in Moama, NSW start at the Kerrabee Sound Shell

  1. Moama Beach – 2 km one way (Easy)

 Pack your swimmers and a picnic and head down to the beach. 

  1. Horseshoe Lagoon/Chanter/Bett Street to the Murray River3.5km one way (Easy to Intermediate)

Ride under the bridge along a combination of on and off road tracks that initially meanders along the Murray River, and then swings back inland past historic sites before re-connecting with the Murray River. 

  1. Botanical Gardens/Moama Adventure Playground – 3.6km one way (Easy) 

Pack a picnic and enjoy the garden and adventure playground.

  1. 5 Mile Mountain Bike Trail – 9.8km one way (Easy to Difficult) 

The ride out to 5 Mile Boat Ramp and Picnic area is a predominantly shared pathway that is separated from vehicular traffic.  Pack a picnic or pick up supplies at a local cafe or supermarket along the way.  Test your skills on the 7km of purpose-built mountain bike trails.  

  1.  Moama Loop13.7km return

Blair Street/Kiely Road/Lignum Rd/Martin Road/Twenty Four Lane - Complete a circuit of Moama by bicycle. 



Additional trail maps for the Banyule State Forest and 5 Mile Mountain Bike Trail can be found here: 

The Yellowbelly Track is a 200km bike route in Northern Victoria, from Echuca to Tallarook, following the Goulburn River.

To download the information sheet for the Yellowbelly Track please click here

To visit the Yellowbelly Track Website please click here

There has never been a better time to start cycling!  Cycling allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine whilst staying physically and mentally fit in a social distancing compliant way.   

Experience some of our favourite cycling routes or create your own adventure! There are local cafes, restaurants, wineries and sights to enjoy along the way.  

Active Transport Echuca and Moama (ATEAM) is a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about everyone in Echuca and Moama being able to safely walk and cycle as part of their daily life. 

ATEAM has been working with the Campaspe and Murray River Shires to increase the number of footpaths, bike paths and safe crossing points across Echuca and Moama.

Anyone interested in joining ATEAM can do so by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by visiting  

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