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River Redgum Parks along the Murray

Explore, experience and enjoy the beautiful river red gum parks and reserves along the Victoria / New South Wales border. There's nothing better for your wellbeing than getting out in nature. Every year the Murray River attracts thousands of visitors to its waters and surrounds including the magnificent river red gum forests and internationally significant wetlands. Together the parks along the Murray River in Victoria and New South Wales form the largest river red gum forest in the world with an abundance of flora and fauna and wildlife. 

A feature of River Red Gums is that they drop their limbs in times of drought to conserve water. River Reds and many other eucalypts have an ominous nickname, “Widow Maker”, as they have a habit of dropping large boughs (often half the diameter of the trunk) without warning, specially when you least expect it in calm, hot weather.

The hollows created by the falling of the limbs make perfect habitats (homes) for a host of wildlife, making the River Red Gum a magical ecosystem along the inland waterways of the Australian bush.

Please note: Never camp or park your car underneath a river red gum just in case the tree falls or drops branches.

All images on this page courtesy NSW National Parks. Photos by OEH/G. Hansford and D. Finnegan.


Driving in the bush

Conditions change in parks for many reasons. Check for any changes affecting the park you intend to visit. ALWAYS check current road and weather conditions before you head 'bush' as many tracks become inaccessible due to rain and/or high water levels. It is best to avoid bush tracks after rain so try and stick to the safer, main roads. For more information on bush and river track closures during winter and also road closures due to bush revegetation or rehabilitation during different times of the year please visit the Parks Victoria website or NSW National Parks websits.

In the warmer times of the year, please check total fire bans and ratings (Country Fire Authority) before you enter a park, please check the CFA website for Total Fire Ban declarations including a 4 day forecast.

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