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The river is calling

It’s 7.30am and the sun rises over the trees on the horizon, casting golden light across the river. It looks like we’re gliding through liquid glass. 

The only sounds we can hear are the gentle lapping of the water against the shore, birdsong punctuating the silence from the forest, and the distant echo of a paddlesteamer's whistle as it prepares for the day ahead.

It’s just us, our paddleboards and nature.

In these moments, it’s easy to forget we’re only 2.5 hours from Melbourne, because it feels like we’re a world away. Echuca Moama waves its magic wand, and the hustle and bustle of the city are replaced with the cruisey vibes of river life, the restorative benefits of being near the water, and the ability to while away your time doing so much … or so little.

A tale of two towns

Echuca Moama are twin towns, yet one thriving community, located on the banks of the majestic Murray River. It’s a place of deep connection; something you must feel to understand.

From the dreamtime of the traditional owners, and the heyday of the riverboat trade, to today’s perfect blend of country and contemporary, Echuca Moama gets under your skin, steals your heart, and calls you back, time and again.


The waters of Dhungala (the Murray River) and surrounding lands are sacred to the Yorta Yorta people, traditional owners of the land. Our journey took us back to the beginning, thousands of years ago. As we walk the path of Echuca’s Scenic Loop Trail, we discover it is more than a walk – it is a living story – whispered to us by the trees and meandering rivers.

At the junction of the Murray and Campaspe rivers, we witness relics of ancient indigenous life; scarred trees, shell middens, and oven mounds. The fusion of past and present makes us feel introspective and contemplate the ancient country.

The rise of the Port

Fast forward to the 1860s, the heyday of the riverboat trade and the rise of the Port of Echuca. We trace these stories at the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre and view the paddlesteamers lining the banks from the historic Echuca Wharf. Once again, we are transported back in time, to when Echuca was one of the largest ports in Australia.

As darkness descends, we join the Port of Echuca After Dark Tour and are guided down hidden laneways and past shadowy corners to learn Echuca’s dark secrets and stories of greed, murder, and betrayal.

Cruisey days, star-filled nights

The absence of ‘city noise’ is at first strange, but so relaxing. The imposing sound of car horns is replaced by the charming whistles of the paddlesteamers, echoing through the streets. These graceful giants once did the heavy work of a steam train, carrying supplies down the river and uniting country, city, and state.

As we travel down the river on an enchanting paddlesteamer cruise, we recognise the power of the river and reflect on some of the stories of resilience shared with us by the locals who experienced historic flooding, as recent as October 2022, as the rivers broke their banks. It is a reminder of the respect that mother nature commands and the strength of the community when disaster strikes.

At twilight, we board a luxurious vessel for a sunset dinner cruise, to be wined and dined while watching the sun set on another glorious river day.

Sip and savour

Echuca Moama’s sophisticated food scene commands a seat at the table with Australia’s finest dining. Thriving from its location in the Murray-Riverina food bowl and central to the Heathcote and Perricoota wine regions, Echuca Moama’s culinary scene tantalises our tastebuds.

A Wharf to Winery tour takes us on another paddlesteamer journey down the river to Morrison’s Riverside Winery, to be indulged with wine tastings and a two-course meal, featuring locally farmed produce.

On Green Pedal’s Wine Ride, we glide alongside the Murray and Campaspe rivers on our eBikes, through the vines, and into St Anne’s Winery, where we meet the makers, sample wines and savour a charcuterie board on the lush lawns overlooking the lake.

Echuca’s High Street surprises us with a food journey around the world, from American BBQ at Harry O’s, Asian fusion at Monkee & Co, Greek at Opa, Italian at Antonio’s, and the spice of the Middle East at Shebani’s.

Our cups are filled

Without realising it, Echuca Moama filled our cups. Sometimes it isn’t until you slow down the pace and get back to nature that you realise the importance of connection – to place, to the present, and one another. We are returning to the city as better versions of ourselves, with a little piece of the country in our hearts.  

Do you need a little more to help you plan your trip. Download this EMT_3day_4_night_Itinerary.pdf we've prepared.

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