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Kennedy Farm Produce

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Hello, I would like to introduce you to Kennedy Farm Produce and the amazing product we grow on our farm at Corop. We have an absolute passion for farming and farming in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe in celebrating the Season and educating people about what is in season. We believe our products provide a unique experience and a connection to; the land, to family, the consumer and the community. We are passionate about reducing waste, recycling and repurposing.


Our produce is sold at the Visitor Centre in Echuca Moama. Kennedy Farm Produce Story... Kennedy Farm Produce is a small value add business in Corop, VIC established in January 2018. KFP works with and complements our large family farming operation, Kennedy Agricultural Company. We grow, harvest, package and sell our own high-quality produce. Our Products include… Chickpeas Red Lentils Popcorn Kernels Popcorn on the Cob Seasonal Vegetables Garden Mulch produced from Corn Trash Lucerne Bales

Map & Directions

647 Wanalta Corop Rd Colbinabbin Victoria

Phone 0429 404 591