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Echuca Moama Visitor Information Centre

The Echuca Moama Visitor Information Centre is located in the Old Pump Station, beside the bridge spanning the Murray, joining the twin towns of Echuca Moama to create one holiday destination.

The Echuca Moama Visitor Information Centre offers a full accommodation and attraction booking service as well as a wedding & event register to cater for group accommodation bookings.

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Echuca Moama Visitor Information Centre

2 Heygarth Street, Echuca, Victoria, 3564.

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We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday, only closing Christmas Day.



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Pump House History

The Victorian railways built our amazing engine/pump house building in 1877, replacing an earlier building located south of the wharf. Drawing water from the Murray River a tunnel, the machinery supplied water to the town tanks, to the railway’s tanks for use by the steam trains and to the wharf, where the water was used under pressure to drive the hydraulic cranes. At is peak there were five two tonne cranes and one ten tonne crane on the wharf, and all were operated hydraulically by water from the pump house.

In the pump house there were two Robey engines. The larger was a 14hp with 9 inch cylinders, whilst the smaller engine was a 12hp with 8 inch cylinders. The power generated by the larger 14hp engine was conveyed to the six cranes located on the wharf, whereby a simple mechanical operation wound the chains that bring the loads from the hold of the barges. The power created by the smaller 12hp engine pumped water for use at the railway station and fed the steam making requirements of the thirsty locomotives. The accumulator that was used to supply and store the power can pump at over 700lb pressure to the square inch.